ISPM 2018

International Scanning Probe Microscopy May 8-11, 2018

The International Scanning Probe Microscopy (ISPM) Conference in Tempe 2018 is the 20th in a continuing series of international meetings featuring research on scanning probe microscopy (SPM), sensors, and nanostructures that began in Seattle in 1999 and was followed by the annual conferences held in US, Europe, Asia, and South America. It is aimed at researchers working on the development of scanning probe microscopy techniques, as well as users of scanning probe microscopes from all scientific and industrial disciplines such as materials science, basic physics, life sciences, semiconductor industry and energy industry.

The program will cover all areas of scanning probe microscopy including (but not limited to):

  1. Novel developments in SPM techniques: theory, instrumentation, and new imaging modes 
  2. SPM in biology and medicine
  3. Nano mechanical properties measurements
  4. SPM on graphene and other 2D materials
  5. STM and UHV AFM
  6. SPM for energy applications
  7. Multi frequency AFM
  8. SPM on liquid solid interfaces 
  9. Ultra high resolution SPM 
  10. SPM in education


Tempe is located in the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona with an average of 295 days of sunshine per year. The conference will take place on the campus of the Arizona State University.


Robert Ros & Stuart Lindsay
Local Organization Committee